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Transform the problems of prejudice into the promise of Unity through deceasing the racial divide as well as the  "Digital Divide" as we work together within our communities. 


 In 1996, after visiting her granddaughter’s elementary schools: Asale Kimaada Founder of

Grandmothers Who Help, Inc. realized that there was a lack of adequate Black History programs within the public school system. From that point, she set out to dedicate her time and talents to bring about a change.


 Early on, Asale was told by different teachers, that a part of the problem was the absence of resources which the schools could utilize. So she created an organization called, “Grandmothers Who Help” (G.W.H.), and began to produce and curate a traveling black history exhibit. “African American History From Antiquity To Present Times”.


Over the span of 20 plus years, G.W.H. has enriched “Black History Month” for students and adults in   hundreds of elementary, middle schools, high schools, colleges and in the work place throughout Northern and Southern California. To the hopes dreams and expectations, the popularity of the exhibit grew quickly and began to expand. Invitations began to flow in from libraries, churches, universities, hospitals, city sponsored events for Kwanzaa, Dr. King Celebrations, Juneteenth, Diversity Programs, as well as Black History Month events.   In 2004 G.W.H. applied for a non-profit status and it was granted. Asale continually strives to encourage African American self-interest, Self- love and to promote group development, cultural activities and the necessity of practicing cultural traditions while advocating educational excellence. She continues to educate children on the contributions African American have made and are still making to these United States of America. The new addition of Pop-Up Tech tables brings professionals in the area of (S.T.E.M.H.) Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Black History up close and personal. Inspiring children from all walks of life to understand and feel proud of their history and culture.




Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers